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Jul 27, 2019

Episode 47 marks the two months back in the saddle here at Owning HER Health and continues the conversation in who is the right clinical doctor to help you best in your health and more importantly, how do we give that title back to you, the woman listening to this podcast? 

Dive in here on the topic of the profession of...

Jul 17, 2019

In Episode 46 of Owning HER Health, I am challenging the idea that Gynecology owns the feminine health conversation.

Trigger alert: I am also challenging the psyche of a woman that decides her professional role is to take charge of another woman's body when the woman feels out of control of her own. 

So who is the...

Jul 10, 2019

In episode 45 of Owning HER Health Podcast, Dr. Susan Clinton is aiming to live her best life beyond 50. She enjoys walking/hiking, country line dance, and ballroom and is an avid supporter of music, the arts and international objectives for women’s health. Susan is also an aging healthcare provider and is on a...