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Nov 23, 2017

Episode 31 is yet another powerful treat for this Thanksgiving week of gratitude. I have such respect for the women like this episode's featured Goddess Amy Wheeler, who has come into this tribe and my inner circle of inspiring sisters. 

Dr. Amy Wheeler is is a Doctor of Education and Psychology and a mentor for many in...

Nov 19, 2017


What is the ULTIMATE C*%# BLOCK?

This episode is going down under....We are talking about men's body parts, being in pain, the mindset of making big shifts, and good ol' goddess self-love with my Lovely Friend and Fellow Health Warrior Goddess Dr. Susie Gronski.

This is the episode to share with the men in your...

Nov 1, 2017

Living When They Say You Can Die

In Episode 29 our Goddess chat features Physical Therapist Beth Badour and her current life story. Beth is dealing with end stage organ failure and gives the Guru Goddess Tribe an unique opportunity to be inspired by a vibrant woman who has decided to not follow the rules, will not play...