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Jul 17, 2019

In Episode 46 of Owning HER Health, I am challenging the idea that Gynecology owns the feminine health conversation.

Trigger alert: I am also challenging the psyche of a woman that decides her professional role is to take charge of another woman's body when the woman feels out of control of her own. 

So who is the Doctor of Womanhood in your mind? 

This goddess chat turned out to be a long one so I broke the discussion down to two parts. 

In part one, I discuss: 

  • The idea of #MedicineWomanRising and the #GoddessWisdom101 conversations I have on social media and why the call for courage is now! 
  • The courageous MD credentialed goddess wisdom sister who is calling out the BS in the world of psychiatry and inspired this episode 
  • Where does the primordial force of Moon shared sisterhood sit in the relationship between the female health provider and women patients? 
  • The idea of why women's health physical therapists, hormone experts, feminist women's circles and mind body-focused healings, as well as empowered women educating themselves on natural, healing,  maybe getting such a push back from the Western Health care community ( and I bet it is not what you think) 
  • Where might the biggest threat of maintaining the order of the patriarchy be in current healing partnerships and what understanding feminine wisdom might need to get more comfortable with discussing?  

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