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Jul 27, 2019

Episode 47 marks the two months back in the saddle here at Owning HER Health and continues the conversation in who is the right clinical doctor to help you best in your health and more importantly, how do we give that title back to you, the woman listening to this podcast? 

Dive in here on the topic of the profession of medical physicians particularly the OB/GYN specialists that are women in an aspect of Medicine that was brutal to the minimalization of a woman's wisdom and strongly sided with the Patriarchy rampant in Allopathy since it's inception just over two hundred years ago as the primary healing philosophy of the western world.

I Pick up episode 47 with the interesting conflict I left off on 46 with. How is the fem leaning woman surviving in the masculinization of Childbirth, puberty, menopause and sexual satisfaction and functional needs?  Is she there? I see her emerging and it is a welcome evolution.

I leave you the audience to tell me, in your experience, if not you, then "Who in the paradigm of women's health care is pushing the return to the untangible sisterhood of goddess wisdom as the barometer of quality care?"