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Oct 4, 2023

Janet is currently working on a non-fiction book which she has tentatively titled

Expecting It All: More Time, Money, Energy, and Space for Mothers

That title should give you a solid hint on this week's episode of Owning HER Health. In this episode we ended up having a deep true chat around the self image shifts no one walks us through. 

The Quiet Shock of Motherhood

Motherhood, especially for the high achieving, high performers is one hell of a shock to our identity. Post Partum is often a Post Traumatic Response.  The shift to mind and body forces us to dig deep into our internal drivers and core values as well as what we really want to build and what we consider liabilities in life and our assets.

Author Janet Bruins Head shot

So what does any Curvy Hustler do? 

We bend the breaks into throughs of course...

Janet decided to become an author and use her enterprising engineering mind to be in the business of her writing! 

Janet's Book is scheduled to reach bookshelves in 2024 but listen in to some of the really relatable issues you never get coached through like:  Pre-Order now

 Today's Sponsor Offer ( 5:00min) 

  • What made her make a full 180 degree re frame focus moving from her MBA finance and tech world mind into being an emerging author and artist. (14:30)
  • What modern culture forgets to tell us about moving into Motherhood. (16:30)

As we chat we figure out: 

  • What is it all for us? 
  • How family culture impacts us 
  • HERstory :  Career curves and the mind, body identity psyche shifts 
  • Cultural shift conversations that push us into entrepreneurship
  • Janet's lived wisdom to any young woman thinking of making that shift from pleasing others to pleasing themself
  • The Diamond Identity Paradigm Shift that will help you leap into this leadership
  • The Truth no one told you about the birth of yourself that will come from birthing and/or mothering another
  • The Work-Life Conundrum and The Horizontal Levels of Existing 
  • Don't miss this last 5 min of womb wisdom

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