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Oct 23, 2023

Where do Body Images and Food Stories Begin?

For most people they begin in our relationship with ourselves, the people around us and our food during childhood. 

Leslie Urbas and I dive into th Diet Fallacy and why she is passionate in reframing the conversation around weight, body and food. 

Episode 95 follows Leslie’s Sacred Success Path into detangling each woman's self image from their sense of wellbeing through the energetics of food. 

We tap into issues around control and curves in body, mind, careers and life

Leslie's unique approach to food is in knowing the person and having that person intuitively know how that food choice will impact how they use it! 

This episode is for you if:

  • You would like to know what to do for peer support when you are “Not the Typical Mom”
  • Feel your 30’s are your first Wake up Call
  • What to watch for in the Wellness Industry Marketing
  • Where Wonder Woman fits into all this
  • The Perimenopause Myth
  • Where weight control really comes from

Then we get back into how we function and not eating for how we look.

Leslie's Secret Energy of Food

  • The Power to Choose your Food
  • The Social constructs of Food Vs Type of Body picks The Type of Food
  • Looking at Food as an an Elemental Coding
  • Detoxing your Kitchen
  • Energy Mastery Work ( Mapping you to your eating and cooking environment)
  • The Neuroscience and generational binds

and How not to F*up your kids with “good eating”

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