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Mar 14, 2023

Standing at The intersection of navigating women through Sexual assault risk, personal identity leaps, organizational trauma micro aggressions and all the other tides of current social impact, my Goddess Chat with Kenyora Parham is going to show you a Curvy Hustle if there ever was one! 


As a self identified advocate. designer.connector, collaborator, and consistent walker within her own truth, Kenyora Parham MSW, graced the Owning HER Health Stage with her story. In it you will see how she has woven a unique web of personal value and positional power using her authenticity and multi-passionate perspective to now empower other women, especially young women just launching into the micro aggressions of the world

With the official title of Executive Director of End Rape on Campus (EndROC), Kenyora and her small team has been able to launch a tool for mapping out risks on campus as well as her supporting the roots of her side hustle C Suite in Living Color

In Episode 85 we have a candid conversation around equity and safety for women and POC covering: 


  • The Curvy Hustle Kenyora took from childhood dreams of Architectural Design into a life birthing the medicine of organizational healings and campus assault activism
  • Her personal hero’s journey
  • Her identity leap into Survivor and now Flourishing Founder 
  • The final hour partnership and rebuild of the business behind the mission of EndROC and Her own initiatives
  • The next emergence of Phase 2 Medicine women on the rise : Social activists and Post Pandemic Waysayers - The Unfolding
  • The Time Space Continuum shifts women are going to be making in -Maidenhood- Maven hood
  • Kenyora’s vision around community and diversity meeting personal safety and overwhelm
  • The equity gap with a focus on equality
  • Why DEI is done in a Human Centric Solution- Hierarchy of needs
  • Why Leadership is not just a position of control
  • Can we create these safe spaces where we can evolve and personally elevate to respond to the evolutionary reactions beginning on social media via her handle @herstoryk 
  • Ways to help Kenyora Parham, her evolving story and visionary endeavors moving forward. 


Connect directly with Our Guest : 

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