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Aug 11, 2023

This Tech’s leader is connecting the dots between mental wellness and leadership using Core Pillars of Communication.

Sumaiya Noor is a forward thinking and speaking leader. I noticed her bright rising star and this episode centers around her unique framework for leadership development that I immediately see as a more receptive and communicative medicine between leaders and teams than what has historically been a more projective approach. 

What she brings to every table, stage and boardroom: 

Sumaiya has more than a decade of experience in a wide range of leadership roles including Product Management and Growth, Digital Transformation and Talent Management. She has won many accolades throughout her career and has recently been selected as 40under40 by Business Elite.


This is a fast moving conversation. In just under an hour we discuss:

  • Connecting the dots between business, tech, holistic wellbeing. leadership development and corporate negotiation culture .    
  • Bridging leadership and wellbeing with the 3 Pillars of leadership : Integrity, Empathy and Vulnerability
  • Her secret past that fuels the connection of her speaking on this to mental wellbeing
  • Can leadership be learned or is it born?
  • The difference between the character of being a leader and the hard skill needs in leadership.
  • Nurturing Closed leadership Vs nurturing  growth leadership.
  • The fine line between positioning  and posturing ourselves as a leader. 

We then break down Sumaiya's signature framework for Right relationship in Leadership: 

  1. What does Integrity bring to me as a leader in terms of energy, identity, structure and self reflection?
  2. What does empathy stems from and how it is not about being emotional.
  3. What empathy skills bring you personality , energetically and cross organizationally.
  4. Where does receptive communication and self image come into leadership development?
  5. When does empathy development become a wellness practice? How do we support our dark place and the line between being vulnerable with emotional control and using our trauma as a weapon?
  6. How Vulnerability asks someone to test their vulnerability and empathy skills?
  7. The Challenge of being “too empathetic”.
  8. The test of Vulnerability for titled leaders and the use of vulnerability to move managers into leaders.
  9. Where does intimacy fit in professional relationships and careers?



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