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Jun 23, 2021

OHH  I love what Dr. Renee is doing with getting your Energy Back


This episode of Owning HER Health (OHH ) is focused on two things: 

  1. Why we need our feminine codes primed with a healthy libido on a regular basis to succeed in our career
  2. Where the place for the evolving woman is right now to make sure women feel worthy of this power in this post covid- high stress conversation! 

Today's Medicine Woman

Dr. Renee Wellenstein is a double board certified physican who gives a brand new meaning to breaking your back for your career. Throughout her journey she has certainly faced her fair share of obstacles and has mastered the art of leaping into transitions with each pivot.

Now Dr. Renee empowers women to take control of their health, jumpstart their energy, improve their confidence, and reignite their libido!


What to  expect in this episode 

This is a longer episode at 60 minute range but every section is jam backed with an angle on this yin/ yang,  libido/vitality and overall happiness issue.

  • First 20 minutes focus on my discussion on what the intention of this podcast is and how you can open the portals to a force of love that is
  • The last 20 minutes digs into the Tantra off the mat— unification of our inner power struggles and social struggles .  We design a conversation that might be able to change the midlife conversation from menopause to blossoming power years to harness this sexual energy and a pool of vitality that has nothing to do with intercourse and everything
  • In the middle we redefine the power of libido to move us into our sexy in business and the bedroom and unlock the importance of it for overall vitality


Who is this Medicine Woman on The Rise?


Dr. Renee is a double board certified doctor who has been working with women for over 20 years and due to her own personal health challenges, she stepped outside the box of conventional medicine to take a radically different approach to heal herself from the deep depths of burnout.


About a decade ago, Dr. Renee was living what she thought was her dream life; she was an extremely busy Ob/Gyn, married to a doctor, with toddler twins and had moved to a quaint, quiet town in the country.


One day in May 2012, Dr. Renee fell off of her horse during a riding lesson and broke her back. She not only struggled with severe back pain, but with fatigue and the inability to focus. Her doctor diagnosed her with depression, but her symptoms did not improve after trying two different antidepressants.


Two years after her injury, Dr. Renee was still struggling with unexplained symptoms. After exhausting all of her options in the conventional healthcare system, she was put in contact with a doctor who was an “anti-aging” practitioner. She finally received the appropriate diagnosis, her symptoms resolved and she got back on her feet and joined the world of functional medicine. In August 2019, Dr. Renee started Kaspira Elite Health Consulting, LLC.

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