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Jun 13, 2017

Episode 20 of Owning HER Health has me speaking with Lifestyle Tech Goddess Kari Thorstensen about her new platform MBody360, an all in one HIPPA compliant wellness tool that is helping hundreds of health leaders make better use of their time and resources. If you are building a health or wellness tribe of your own, you will want to listen in and watch the video on You Tube

We talk about...

  • MBody360 as one of our Goddess Chat sponsors that I am happy to share
  •  How the platform works through A mini webinar for all you health and wellness professionals looking for ways to engage your community and set yourself apart from the crowd with recipes, shopping lists, download options, video shares and HIPPA compliant messaging for keeping in touch with your clients.  There are also a whole list of different dietary plans covering everything from clean eating to Ketogenic trials.

This episode also available in video format HERE so that you can get a great look at the demonstration Kari gave us. 

 Key Points...

  • Overcoming Risk Aversion and moving out of the box in healthcare
  • How using MBody360 can highlight your brand
  • Building applications that can take your health care support out of your 1:1 appointments and into the lifestyle of your clients is an important advantage for health entrepreneurs.
  • Find out the latest tools I am using for the Goddess Tribe and get advice on setting up a similar web of support and get 20% off by useing Code VIPGURU-20% at checkout after your FREE TRIAL BELOW

Let me know all the ways you are thinking about using this episode info in the comments below. How can something like this immediately improve your services? If you are a potential client, would you find it helpful for meeting the wellness goals of your life? 

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