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Nov 11, 2016


This Episode I had the pleasure of being in the energy of one of Charlotte's local US Veteran's Dani Cook.

Dani is a fellow Lady biz leader as owner of Digital Fit Marketing Solutions, an author, poet, mom and social movement maker using all of her life's lessons through pain to move her back into love and move other women into a bigger purpose.  Dani discusses how she is no longer limited by her veteran related disabilities or childhood traumas and is actually using her story to begin leading others out of the darkness as well.  

Dani Cook is leading others right down the road to recovery with her! If anyone is dealing with trauma or pain, please download and listen to this 30 min gift of light!!!!

Visit Dani online

Digital Fit marketing Solutions

Pin Up Project Charlotte

Free Hugs-Charlotte Coming Soon 

seven and a half years ago

Hey Dr. Lisa & Ms. Dani! Loved this podcast. Have never listened to a podcast like this before - have always just done YouTube or Periscope - and was surprised how engaged I was even though it is just audio! I didn't think that would happen. Loved listening in and will definitely be looking up Dani's Pin Up Project(amazing), and will be back to listen again :) Thx!