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Jun 5, 2019

Brooke Terrell, Certified Clinical Traumatologist, Board Certified Coach (BCC), M.A in Counseling Psychology

My Guest Brooke Terrell, a self-proclaimed and board certified Traumatologist, is the owner and founder of The Other Side Life Coaching here in Charlotte North Carolina.

This ignited goddess fire has a very ambitious fuel to her flame. Her mission for the launch of her new company and coaching service was her own path out of the self-sabotage of childhood sexual abuse -----And in this episode we flip the conversation on it. 

The Traumatize Mommy and Other Outcomes

Traumatized mommies, no matter what the trauma, unwillingly traumatize their children and there is a generational impact! With the statistics being that 1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused and 1 in 6 boys, there is a very high chance you, or someone you know right now who have suffered or will suffer.

Brooke shares her goal is to start a more open conversation on the trauma she endured for years from childhood sexual abuse to relationship pains and now the use of her story on a mission. 

Her company, The Other Side Life Coaching was birthed after witnessing the personal impact not understanding she was a traumatized woman had on her lifetime of self-worth, relationships, family dynamics, and even financial behaviors since exposing her abuse. Brooke's focus is to help as many people as she can, who have suffered from the same traumas, better understand the profound power they hold to stop the impact. She has found a 3 step system to help other couples regain a deeper intimacy and love for themselves so that they can truly bring that best version of themselves to each other and their family. 

In our Goddess Wisdom chat we discuss: 

  • What exactly is a Traumatologist and what this #MedicineWomanRising does very differently in a way the world desperately needs it! 
  • The truth about "coming clean" and owning your health beyond the trauma of sexual abuse as well as the risks of social isolation and how that requires much better social support
  • What is different about Trauma, why traditional talk therapy is not going to cure you and its relationship with PTSD 
  • The difference between coaching someone out of this pain and treating them out of the prison of it
  • The way trauma alters and impacts our brains, our inner chemistry, our social bonds way beyond the physical impact. 
  • The subtle and yet damaging personal impact of sexual abuse trauma
  • Brooke's customized 3 Stage Recovery model where she specializes in personal recovery and relationship strains
  • The physiologic value of moving on from trauma by Owning The Self again and manipulating our inner chemistry using modalities such as relaxation, breathing, essential oils, movement and mindset exercises. 
  • The Traumatized Mommy and the IMPORTANT generational impact
  • The difference with how men versus women approach trauma recovery

To get in touch with Brooke and learn more about her coaching practice to serve yourself best or impact another email her at

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