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Nov 19, 2017


What is the ULTIMATE C*%# BLOCK?

This episode is going down under....We are talking about men's body parts, being in pain, the mindset of making big shifts, and good ol' goddess self-love with my Lovely Friend and Fellow Health Warrior Goddess Dr. Susie Gronski.

This is the episode to share with the men in your life!!!!

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But First A Big Thank You! 

It is with much gratitude and humbleness that I welcome you to my 30th episode of Owning HER Health. This past Halloween marked one year and despite my simple shares and very unfancy marketing of this show, you in this Tribe have stepped forward to #SaveTheSisterhood with over 2500 downloads. Thank You so much and I welcome you to keep sharing anything that inspires you or gives you some love so that we can regain those important women's circles and conversations. 

In This Goddess Chat...

I get to celebrate the blossoming of one of my first professional coaching clients. Dr. Susie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and bright star in the sadly quiet world of Men's Pelvic Health who is determined to change that silence with her new book, The Ultimate Cock Block.  A licensed doctor of physical therapy and a board certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner, simply put, she’s the doctor for ‘everything down there.’

Her passion is to make her clients feel comfortable about taboo subjects like sex and private parts by providing real advice without the medical fluff but deeper than that, Susie has turned her life around 180 degrees by opting to switch from the type A rat race we learned in our upbringing to a truly curvier hustle of making her career work within her relationship, her brand, and her lifestyle choices. 

In this episode, we talk about...

  1. Why her book The Ultimate Cock Block is making men laugh at themselves but becoming a global bestseller
  2. How she went from being a firey Maiden, newlywed trying to grow a private practice in the cold suburbs of Chicago collecting letters after her name to a global leading Men's Health advocate and author living in the mountains of Hippie culture Asheville, North Carolina in under two years. 
  3. How life as a stressed out the physical therapist can change when you find your self and learn to trust your personal why
  4. How personal coaching and self-discovery with the right guides can accelerate a career much faster than just relying on technical skills
  5. How her professional practice has evolved beyond just manually treating body parts and how coaching and her own growth have inspired better care.
  6. Where intuition and personal story plays a part in pain care and how she now gives her client's power
  7. What a personal practice of meditation offers caregivers
  8. Who inspired her to change her focus in pelvic health towards men and the real needs of this underserved population. 
  9. How the epidemic of "Not Enough" still is a challenge for her despite all her growth and gains but how discovering her own mix of masculine and feminine is the key as she opens herself up to becoming a Mama and honoring her own wisdom energies of the Matriarch! 

Summary... Very appreciative of our honest chat about what makes up this Goddess best-selling healthcare provider, woman, wife, daughter, friend, and private practice owner.  Dr.Susie is an author and the creator of a unique hands-on training program and besides helping men with pelvic pain become experts in treating themselves, I am super proud to have her now as a more local smart and sassy, #LadyBizPT and total Owning HER Health friend.

Check out her services via

and interact with her via her own new podcast called In Your Pants, Her social Media @drsusieg on Instagram and FaceBook

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Get the First Chapter of Susie's Best Selling Men's Health Book, The Ultimate Cock Block HERE

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