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Jul 11, 2017

Episode 22

So how does a stay at home mom move from dealing with the sudden onset of a child's illness to being a firecracker speaker while also leading her team of wellness women to new heights?  Find out in Episode 22 of Owing HER Health where I interview Charlotte based Health Entrepreneur, Kim Wojnowich on doing just that.

Kim challenges other moms out there to Be Brave. As a mentor for a growing business, a speaker and a mom, wife, friend and daughter amongst her many roles, she is working on doing just that!  

We sat down recently to discuss how she went from knowing nothing about selling and building teams to now leading one. We also spoke about her experience Owning HER daughter's health and finding ways to help others navigate autoimmune disease. According to The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, there are now 50 million americans with some form of autoimmune disease . Her mother and daughter were two of them. When her daughter was diagnosed at such a young age her eyes really opened up to her own power to heal using her love, the smarts of nutrition and some patience. 

In this episode we discuss...

  • How being bold enough to demand a better health solution for her daughter opened up the door to a whole new work/life harmony and power in life
  • How she found a new passion in something she thought she never would or could do.
  • What she learned about the power we each have over auto immune disease

( HINT: None of her physicians told her to do it) 

  • What she has learned about her own health needs from being the care giver of both her parents and her kids
  • How she is stepping up and helping others live bolder and braver now

Learn More About Kim

You can find out more about Kim's business team opportunities , services and speaking at her website and Facebook  or name brand other social media.