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Feb 28, 2017


This episode Michelle Lyons , the founder of , is a leader in the circles of international women's health particular in the areas of integrative cancer care, menopause , pelvic recovery and surgical healing. Based out of Ireland, her private practice offers a different and holistic array of physiotherapy service with an entire approach towards celebrating the female form.  Her website is filled with resources and bog posts on topics ranging from hysterectomy to constipation to women and back pain and female athlete support. She is a wonderful vibrant goddess sister and I am so excited to share her with those of you outside of the women's health professional circles because her wisdom can connect the dots between chronic orthopedic symptoms, resistant gynecological conditions and overall feminine personal development and self empowerment needs. 


  • Women's Health as a layering of support and empowerment
  • How we are Breaking Our Hearts
  • Attitudes Matter 
  • The place for Traditional feminine powered medicines such as community, conversation, herbs and happiness in our roles

One of the most important topics I think we discuss is feminine powered action Michelle and I discuss the Feminine Art of Not Caring What Others think and if that resonates with you . I suggest you take advantage of YOUR FREE 30 DAY TRIAL AND FREE DOWNLOAD HERE for my listeners for a great short book called " The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life" by Marc Manson 

Then, Make sure to connect with Michelle and Celebrate that Super Power via wonderful shares on her website or Facebook .  You can get a list of her upcoming courses , the Women on Fire Event she co hosts soon (if you are listening from the UK)

Don't be surprised if after listening to our chat you may just find yourself wanting to suddenly brew up a cup of nettle tea as you work on your vision board of how to take charge of your body and your life! 


Let us know your thoughts on optimal feminine living in comments! Your thoughts matter. 


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