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Nov 1, 2017

Living When They Say You Can Die

In Episode 29 our Goddess chat features Physical Therapist Beth Badour and her current life story. Beth is dealing with end stage organ failure and gives the Guru Goddess Tribe an unique opportunity to be inspired by a vibrant woman who has decided to not follow the rules, will not play the victim of her circumstance and is truly using all her life experiences as a mother, an artist, a budding integrative health entrepreneur, traveler and physical therapist to be a catalyst for healing herself and inspiring others.  

Beth's Story

Beth describes herself as a healer and is licensed to treat as a Physical Therapist for two decades. Her practice style has evolved to believe we need to treat the whole person in mind, body and spirit and promotes healing through a variety of integrative modalities.  She is currently writing a blog as a personal biography with the intention to start HER own discussion as both a clinician and a patient of American healthcare.  She pulls from her own experiences with this disease as well as her personal experience with mental health and the education she received in the USA. Her mission is to spark women to support one another an teach our children how to life a healthy lifestyle.

The Ironic Part Of Being A Healthy Unicorn

What has gone wrong and right with her personal health story?  Beth offers insight in the complex world of living well while battling a possibly debilitating disease. She shares a conversation many are not used to which is how hard it has been to be well educated, healthier and more holistic than most patients. The Western model has little to offer you in continuing to feel well. 

During our talk she shares how listening to the self can be the most healing thing but how hard it has been to design her care plans ironically because she has holistically self cared for years and is therefore not the normal compromised kidney diseased patient.  She literally is healthier then they have a care plan for at her level of kidney function. 

Beth explains HER Life By Design through: 

  • How kidney disease is presently managed with the motivation of insurance coverage restrictions regardless of individual presentation
  • How the diagnosis of a chronic disease can cause us, even as an educated health provider, to self sabotage out of fear and avoidance or related depression
  • How listening to self can become very healing and gave her the permission to challenge expectations by continuing to practice yoga, tai chi and travel the world with 8% kidney function and without dialysis.
  • The importance of story, especially as women who need to parent and befriend themselves first as well as trust they can receive support from their sisters.
  • How she is the living proof we get to subconsciously and consciously chose how debilitating a diseased body will be and mentally how well we can be if our purpose to be here on Earth remains confirmed. 
  • Where she is getting her vitality from today: The holistic practices, mindset, behaviors and creative , selfless activities such as volunteering with mental health communities, continuing to create her art and travel as much as possible until she needs to make another decision. 
  • How she is not letting tech fear limit her plans for her mission
  • The one reason if you have been born that everyone should have absolutely no fear the rest of the way. 
  • Final Goddess Wisdom explores how you can support Beth's fire by what you do with this Goddess Wisdom share. 

In Summary:

Don't miss a tiny part of your life in this sisterhood. This episode definitely gives listeners yet another way to empower each other and our families. Beth demonstrates the perfect blend of G2T Maiden fire, Mother love and matriarch wisdom and why ,in this tribe really do believe every woman is blessed at birth with an inner Holy Trinity of Goddess Wisdom and why in Owning our Personal Story we are courageously Owning HER, the Goddess Of Health and Wealth. 

 I firmly believe in Beth's mission to leave a legacy by her life by design and invite you to share this episode and become a vital part of this feminine styled force of change. Our current western medical management model needs to see the vibe moving through you. 


Inspired to learn more? Be sure to connect with Beth at