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Jun 26, 2019

In Episode 44 Dr.Lisa tackles the question...What does a strong woman look like and what could she be doing here on Earth with her power? 

Are you at a point in life where you got some benchmarks and awards but find yourself confused as to what is next in your world? Then THIS EPISODE of Owning HER Health is THE ONE that will give you clarity and a home. 


So what is masculine and what is feminine and why does there even need to be a division of power at this point in the game?  

During the episode Lisa Holland discusses...

  • Who is the Alpha female or Alpha Woman and if you are one?
  • What sacred role in human evolution this version of humanity is setting herself up to play.
  • Why this mid-year 2019 solstice is a really special one if you are a called on #consciousman or #MedicineWomanRising
  • Why you may be feeling so heavy and wondering if you are even moving your life in the right direction. HINT: It is perfectly normal but you need to understand the reason for patience 
  • Where you can hold great power and why THIS IS THE EASIEST time in history to take center stage on projects you love for the purpose only you can succeed in! 

After this episode, you will be Pumped and Ready to Go into that new life.

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