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Mar 20, 2018

Can you imagine the shame of needing help with just getting out of bed "Your Time of the Month" and being told for years that you are crazy, lazy or way too soft for your periods or even that you are making it all up?

In Episode 37 we celebrate proclaiming WOMEN WITH PAINFUL PERIODS MATTER. March is Endometriosis Month and Dr. Sallie Sarrel is explaining how our reliance on Hysterectomy as a cure without a complete excision for this disease's care is unacceptable. Think about it, how can we be up to date when the name HYSTERECTOMY came from men calling the first mental health disorder,  "a disease of women" named "hysteria". You know those women of a certain time of the month who bleed with a mood or the ones just trying to figure out how to stop trying for and losing babies and becoming a Matriarch.  

The Real Pain 

So is it surprising to see that far too many women ( can you guess how many?) are living with the disease called Endometriosis but living with it waiting a decade for a diagnosis while sometimes being called hysterical or needing attention along the way? 

Dr. Sallie Is Setting the ACOG Straight

My featured Guru Goddess this week to decipher all this is the Voice that Walks the Walk herself, Dr. Sallie Sarrel, a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Athletic Trainer and private practice owner in New York and New Jersey who has been treating women with the disease but has also been suffering from the disease for two decades.

As she writes in her popular blog Sallie Speaks  "It’s not pretty or sexy or fun to talk about cramps, painful sex or bloating" nor is it easy fighting a system that you know is behind the times.

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Listen in to this Goddess Fire Chat to understand ...

  • Why Sallie is fighting the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to save your Uterus every day! 
  • Why you should seek a pelvic health Physio as soon as you get a diagnosis but even before why you are seeking an answer for the pain
  • What to do if you have a teen complaining about pelvic pain BEFORE you slap a pill on it and try to move on
  • Where you can go to receive help from her if you are in the Tristate NYC area and what to be firm about when trying to find quality help and answers on your own. 
  • How Sallie is flipping her pain and making it a global speaking passion and how that ended her in a documentary I highly recommend you see named EndoWhat


If you or someone you know thinks they have an issue, please contact me for a free Goddess health Chat online. I will listen and help you figure out your best next step. This is what women's health is supposed to look like BOOK IT NOW 

Visit Sallie online and learn what she is up to and about all the ways she can help you at www.

176 million women suffer. To learn more about endometriosis:
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For Additional Care and Support
Nancy's Nook for Endometriosis, a support group on Facebook

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