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Apr 14, 2018

In episode 39 I venture into that body love conversation and my guest weaves it beautifully into a conversation about of self love.

Jaclyn Harris is Reclaiming Our Beauty Power with her company Jaclyn Harris Wellness. Her hashtag #theMeFirstMovement is taking the selfish feeling out of placing ourselves as a priority.

Describing herself as a Self Care Expert, Jaclyn found a unique way to combine together 15 years of working with women as a Naturopath along with Beauty Therapy, NLP, and Hypnotherapy which I think is such an awesome combination for Mind, Body, and Soul. 

She caught my eye because she was one of the few Health Entrepreneurs that I see selling beauty coaching in a healthy way for women. So many times the ads and groups are poking at pain points of scarcity, being less than, ageism and triggering deep body image issues which concern me as someone who works with emerging Maiden's through puberty and young womanhood. I hear how they are interpreting what their moms are saying and doing and I sometimes fear we have lost that inner beauty of the wise old woman with lots of lines showing her lifelong laughs and tears of joy just as much as wiping away any evidence of crys and serious strain.

Click HERE for the video of our entire conversation and my vlog notes to Connect with us on some of your thoughts and to get the full list of ways to join Jaclyn's movement. 

Visit @jaclynharriswellness via her social media links.