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May 12, 2017

Warning Episode 18 may trigger feelings of discomfort or victimization.

This goddess chat is for those of you that struggle with digging deep into your mud to change.  It will be hosted both on my You Tube HERE and the podcast because I am hoping to get some thoughts back from you about making personal development tools like self reflection and the resultant transformation less scary in your life!

We all Self Edit Change

I begin by exploring our own barriers against growth and change and welcoming transformation even when our lives are a struggle and go into exploring some of the ways I changed my perspective on what success meant especially:

  • The surprise I found when life presented me when motherhood
  • Why owning my feminine feelings opened my eyes to the social bias I, even as a strong, productive maiden had absorbed moving up the ladder of 1970's- 1990's career success.

About 12.5 minutes in I turn the questions onto you, the audience to share in this conversation.  How can I best serve you to Own Your Health and Purpose right now.

  • How can the ones that have put away the victim archetype empower other women in her tribe as well as support the ones who are still in the victim mind?
  • How can we support the women who have stepped out of her old tribes and find the others that will support her being different now?
  • How do we protect our sisters from being distracted on the external change things?
  • How will we unify the female collective and transform social systems, limiting rules, masculinized internal and external resistance and be able to promote this new, waxing and waning cycle lifestyle? 
  • Do enough women want to change or do they just want things to change around them? 

Tough questions sometimes to ask ourselves and even harder to publically own a comment on but I am challenging you to answer why women may be getting in their own way with transforming the world and societal expectations. Luckily we are doing it together in this episode!

Please Join this goddess chat. Every one of you hold important wisdom. 

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