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Aug 29, 2023

Rest and Self-Care Coach | Risk Manager | Business advisor |

Anastasiya Rutus Empowers Business Owners and Corporate Leaders to Put Themselves First. As a result, they become richer in joy, energy, time and money. 

Talks about #selfcare, #boundaries, #ceomindset, #parenthood, and #femaleentrepreneurs

This episode is 50 minutes

In this episode we are holding space for the radical new perspective on rest and the energy work of conservation and recovery.  Athletes know the importance of this and yet, so many times, the high achieving humans , especially women, get on the wrong addiction to constant activity and the industrial age definition of "high productivity".

As a Rest Coach and Business Strategist Anastasiya, works with female entrepreneurs and traditional corporate leaders to strategize how to have more time to recharge!

She makes a great point midway through:

Our life and business are not supposed to be "balanced", they are mixed up to the roots of your existence season of life but rest is a necessity regardless.


Other topics along the timeline include:

  • Anastasiya's big corporate break up moment
  • Living intentionally thriving life journey.
  • What does "more time" even mean? 
  •  The #1 hack on succeeding : Hint--Scheduling! 
  • How motherhood changes things in ways no one explains to us and the ways they could never even explain if they tried
  • Steps Anastasiya takes to keep her nervous system safe while engaging and communicating with her partner about all the things on her to do list. All with the goal to find pockets of time for my client.
  • Dissecting your work/life and relationship patterning. 
  • How to know if you need a coach or consultant? 
  • Reality Bites: A Case Study.
  • The risks.
  • Why the Culture shift is rewiring our bodies and minds before new verticles in business. 

What are you waiting for? With proper accountability and support you can have the life you don't want to be escaping from.

Episode Resources: 

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The future vision for the executive rest community — deep vision and what a world of Curvy Culture through elite rest will birth!

3. Fill out your application for a 30 min Lady Biz reframe and energetic framework for designing your evolving life. 

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