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Jan 15, 2022

Welcome to your evolving power story Goddess Wisdom Sister! 

In episode 64 I give birth to season 5 and I want to thank you for remaining part of this goddess hive.

If you are new, feel like you have been evolving into something new or you are tip-toeing into your next emergence season, you came at the perfect time! 

What to expect:

(1:00min) What will we be chatting about this season 

(4:30) Let's Catch up: How I have been evolving womanhood through my spiritual path of navigating a very hurt filled divorce

(10:30) Warning! What you need to know before saying yes to a spiritual journey

(14:33) The mistake I made that I want to tell you about

(20:00) Navigating changes of identity and how humans learn about life through every relationship

(25:00) Why do men desperately need us to demonstrate the evolved feminine divine 

(33:00) What's on the horizon? Figuring out the masculine and feminine power dance - The Spiritual conversation ( AKA The Curvy Hustle) 

Want to explore a modern evolving woman's coaching or consulting relationship together? 

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