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Oct 31, 2016

Let me Introduce this Goddess Mission! 


Hello! I am Dr. Lisa Holland PT ( minus the other gang of letters after my name) and after 11 years doing things my way in healthcare and another decade before that walking the old school lines, I am on a mission to bring back the art and pleasure of wise girlfriend conversation. Every two weeks you will meet other warrior goddesses and get some tips from our conversations. Those that subscribe to #TheVIBE can expect a special treat delivered every month. 

The Struggle is Real...You Need to Tune In and Tune Up!

Now as a mom and wife of a fellow entreprenuer balancing my love as a lady biz mentor, women's health therapist,  life coach and my own best friend,  I have seen many women, including myself, hold ourselves back.  We are really exhausting our own power.  Not only that, our personal health and wealth is often low on the totem pole. Plus, we sometimes hold other back as well instead of celebrating our emerging sisters as boldly as hell!!! 

The Sisterhood of the Guru Goddess Tribe

So what do smart women share behind closed doors when they feel good enough about themselves to have open honest conversation?  Wouldn't you like to know! This episode is a short introduction into what to expect as we get started on talking openly about our bodies, the struggles on our minds, the demands we feel with relationships and roles.  Future shows will feature how we used our lemons in life to make the lemonande that keeps the flame of our passions and relationships with ourselves and others alive.

So take a peak, sign up for #TheVIBE HERE and follow me over on FB for daily K.I.S.S.essss . While there, Tweet me a show idea and pop on over to @drlisahollandPT for a visual shot of inspiration.  

Welcome, Dear Sister and conscious Brothers....You finally found your Vibe.