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Sep 13, 2019

RECLAIM Your Moon Wisdom

As Episode 51 Came to me on a download to speak to you! 

Warning, this episode is not for anyone not into stars and moons or spiritual fitness.

This will test all you Virgo vibing perfectionists listening in because There is nothing fancy here or firmly structured.

There is some echo but I got no time as this is a time-sensitive wisdom share that only came in late this morning and so I am sorry but...

Deal with it.

Opportunity knocks...

So I am writing a couple of books. I know, insane and yet not surprising to hear about me living in parallel worlds right?!

In all seriousness, I have been getting so many downloads switching between

  1. The Women's Health book that approaches our body and functions through the filter of our subtle body in tune with natural energies.
  2. The Curvy Hustle Manifesto I got going down

So, I launched this today because it was so Full Moon it must be for you and not necessarily for my normal book writing.

Plus... Opportunity knocks. I did not care to publish on Wed. I just did not have the flow this week on Monday or Tues like I normally do so maybe this was supposed to be your message because I got this done in all of a couple of hours verse a week! 

And so, the Episode with Dr. Justin Trosclair DC talking #CurvyHustle book marketing and his secret on becoming an Amazon bestseller will be yours next week. 

For now, today is the day to get in tune.

Instead of us getting distracted, listen in to this episode as I discuss...

  • The very important natural symbolism of today!!!
  • The feminine wisdom of the Moons and Menstrual cycles and seasons of life
  • The Matriarchy and the essence of it in our selves as well as historically in cultures such as Ancient Egypt
  • The macrocosm of the Universal wisdom of Nature reflecting against the microcosm in the healthy woman's form and function. 
  • How if you are feeling crummy, please take these tips and try it out. 
  • Go visit the extended Vlog over on my Website 

In fact, Let's make it a challenge. Do the simple and sane work I suggest. 

Email me or contact me in 30-60 days over @drlisahollandpt on FB and IG and tell me what changed in your life?  

Here ya go! Listen in.

The content is super powerful wisdom that I totally want you to grasp because this is an amazing opportunity to support your work as a Goddess living her best life! 

Tell me what you think.