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May 13, 2024


Quick Listen Notes For Owning Her Health, season 7 


3:00 min : Why this last minute Bridge conversation on my phone to replace the original Episode 96 on 2024 Mother’s Day.


11:00–13:30 min : Maternal health is not just about birthing children.

14:00–15:00 min: The Curvy Hustle Frame of Womanhood as a Force


15:15–16:55: Where does capitalism do women and marginalized people well?

16:57–17:45: Why are we at the end stage of feminism?

17:47–21:00 Where do womanhood and womanism fit into the transition phase of human relationships—the end stage of feminism and the collapse of selfish capitalistic enterprise designs?

23:00–27:50 : What and Who you will hear from in Uncomfortable conversations in Season 7.  Diving into things like "The Mother Wound" and "How Hot Flashes are about Being Hot and Flashy" while your body was keeping a lifelong self-care scorecard. 

28:00–39:00 begins my call in for you to leap into your leadership at an aligned and agile level. 


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