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Aug 29, 2022

In this episode, I introduce a mini-series around waking up and realizing that you are on a path beyond personal development! 

Spiritual work is not like personal development.  You can really mess yourself up following the outside gurus and pastors and priests without a sense of self-esteem and core leadership identity.


Sure you discover things out of a book and through the standard mindset coaching but spirituality is all about the inner game meeting the other game. 

You are psychosocially and spiritually creating the ultimate intimacy with yourself and Source energy taking 100% responsibility for your life choices as the Ultimate CEO of it! 

We all have an inner game to play and a calling to move us but fewer people are listening and then accepting the roadmaps given into authentic spiritual power. 

Waking up to the curves can be scary AF so in this intro I outline: 

  1. Why the need for this spiritual development mini-series? 
  2. How women's health studies are the advanced missing link between science and spirituality for all humanity
  3. Why sister-only circles are the most relevant part of women's health and wellbeing right now? 
  4. How is studying our spirituality actually the medicine most relevant to contributing to the world? 
  5. Review what's to come next in the series on episode 71

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