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Feb 11, 2021


We are back for season 4 right in time for the Aquarian New Moon and what an evolving woman's Owning HER Health Story I have!

What would you do if you were diagnosed in your 20's or 30's with Thyroid Cancer?

What if you were a long time student and guide in natural healing at the time? 

That was the crisis of belief today's guest, Dr. Brooke Silberhorn, the owner of Thrive Chiropractic in Ocala Florida, USA was blessed with back in 2014 when she was faced with a choice, how to deal with her Thyroid Cancer diagnosis. 



Her decision changed the entire trajectory of her chiropractic career and is fueling her revolutionary approach to infertility. 

We are currently in a space where 1 in 7 families will deal with infertility.

This is not even counting all the miscarriages in between attempts.

Did you know a lot of this is about your cellular vitality, nervous system and mind's receptivity? 


In this episode Dr.Brooke and I discuss: 

  • Why women need to seriously learn and lead from their core beliefs when addressing our lifelong vitality. 
  • Her path to wellbeing and reflection in her Chiropractic beliefs.
  • The contrast between western medicine and her approach to optimal wellbeing
  • How biology, psychology and sociology,  as well as understanding of our energy intersects in cancer and all other dis- ease. 
  • The impact body balancing can have over how a woman optimizes or reduced her fertility.

Reach out to Brooke via her website at 

Dr. Brooke Silberhorn
Chiropractor, Thrive Chiropractic

352.299.1285 |

606 SE 1st Ave. | Ocala, FL 34471