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Jul 3, 2023

DR Liz Bolen has a story to tell. 

She is my guest for episode 89 of the Podcast and while I was reviewing the chat, I could not but get excited about how far we have come since beginning my tip toe walk into mind over body connection and the need for behavioral coaching and lifestyle healing in order to get the stress of trying to be well managed for healing! 

I remember back in the turn of the century, Dr Liz and I would have been laughed straight out of our practices by peers and here we are with research articles and lived experiences to prove there is so much more behind what keeps us living well than chasing sickness. 

But first, Dr Liz is making sure to heal the healers. 

Inside episode 89 we discuss: 

  • Her story around flipping her pain into this passion project of a global learning institute for all disciplines of licensed healthcare
  • The spiritual healers path of Wonder-> Hunger->Healing->Alchemy->Reassignment-> Reconnection
  • Why we need to be mainstream instead of on the tangents
  • Outgrowing The wounded Healer archetype in finances, work environment, relationships, energy exchanges
  • How Healers are leaders in Building Heaven on Earth
  • The Quantum Body experience of Health and Healing

Finally, HER Method and process and ways to connect with her and begin your journey or get ideas for your own Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur vision. 


Visit Her Website To get involved and talk more to Dr Bolen

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