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Jul 28, 2023

The Travelista Making Lux Travel a Part of Wellness

Mikayla Brunson is a Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Consultant. Through her brand, Simply Timeless Journeys, she empowers well-established female thought leaders to embrace the most authentic, unique, and extraordinary experiences our world has to offer.

Expanding HER Life 

From her extensive travels, Mikayla has gained invaluable experiences that have broadened her perspective and allowed her to see the world through different lenses. Her personal journeys have reinforced her belief in the boundless potential that resides within each and every one of us. A deep sense of compassion for our planet drives Mikayla, as she genuinely cares about the well-being of our world.


Mikayla firmly believes that by embarking on one meaningful trip at a time, we have the power to create a profound and positive impact. As humans, we are united in our purpose to elevate the vibrations of this planet and to nurture our Earth: our environment, our communities, and our people. Together, as one, we can strive toward a brighter future.


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In this Episode you will hear how a young and eager Mikayla is eager to make travel a lifestyle choice instead of just a luxury. 

Key Takeaways as we go...

  • Her winding road from her corporate burnout to breakup and her new traveling lifestyle out of Florida — Her opportunity to leap into personal development and core value realignment


  • The question that changed her life


  • Internet business building and the benefits of mentorship as a medicine for healing


  • Surrender as the ultimate power flex as a choice


  • Her journey into Self Realization:  The personal death, The Masculine/ feminine energy dance and dark work experience of transforming her life


  • How not flowing in and out of the feminine can hurt you and delay your blessings


  • Her unique vision of the experience of travel . Travel as something that is you, or becomes you instead of something you do. Simply timeless journeys


  • The process of moving an idea to income


  • Mikalya’s wisdom: The conversations with her past and future versions  and HERstory. an evolving human story with a key difference for you to shift your perspective.


  • Practice This!!! -----> Why am I ???  - To resolve the centuries old mistake made about the relationship between the masculine and feminine energies, love story


  • The Mothering and Maven wisdom she leaves the younger women out there

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