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Nov 10, 2022

YOU ARE WORTH feeling good and Psilocybin might be your gateway to mental well-being attached to trauma and addiction recovery. Wise Goddess Lora Solomon, Certified Nurse Practitioner, author, and long-time integrative functional medicine practitioner, joins me on the show this episode to discuss her work with trauma and self-discovery. 

Lora's walk into owning her CEO in career and life began in a very religious, secular circle, took her to mainstream medicine, integrative functional support of women, and finally to writing her very healing book Wounds to Wisdom

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • Lora's curvy path from a closed cult-like community to her work with trauma and plant medicine. 
  • The Human Beingness of speaking into our wounds
  • Humans and the real root of addiction as we disconnect from childhood trauma
  • Current plant research, particularly relating to her own experience and training in Psilocybin
  • A new paradigm for working out mental health using the Hero's Journey
  • Lora's vulnerable personal wise words along the path to healing. 

lora solomon psilocybin owning womens health

To contact Lora visit her website, and get her courses : 

The micro-dosing program covers everything a client needs to feel confident in micro-dosing psilocybin along with a resource guide and links to where they can access all of the supplies they need. 

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The 10-week “wounds to wisdom” course guides and supports students through their own hero’s journey and the 10 energy centers. This course can be used as preparation and integration for plant medicines and is also an excellent add-on for talk therapy. It is especially helpful for those recovering from trauma because it gently invites people back into their bodies by giving them simple but powerful tools.

Wounds to Wisdom 

Get in contact with Lora directly via HER Main Website