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Feb 27, 2022

Leaving her mark on cancer through the marriage of yoga and cancer care

Cheryl’s path to the body and mind for her personal wellbeing  included:

  • Pranayama as a master teacher to unlocking a decade of inquiry into the subtleties of the body ( 6:46)
  • The counter-culture opportunity of a Yogic Practice in your life (9:00)
  • The Integrative healing toolbox that includes Sitting with people in their suffering that Cheryl has designed for oncology care (12:30)
  • Yoga as a therapeutic intervention like no other for dealing with the walk towards more life and inevitable death (14:02)
  • Advice for living your life as wise women in the flow instead of the self-inflected constant will powered force (16:04)
  • The Feminine Powered forces we can use to evolve into our assignments for personal impact  (20:15)
  • Cheryl’s Specialty Teacher Training Program for Cancer Care (23:30)
  • Cheryl’s resources and care for patients everywhere (24:30)
  • Cheryl specializes in yoga therapy, mudra, pranayama, yoga Nidra, and chanting for people with cancer and other chronic conditions in central North Carolina and online.


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Cheryl Fenner Brown


Integrative Yoga Therapist

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master

Bahama, North Carolina