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May 31, 2022

You can find Board Certified Nurse Practioner Ashley P. Evans's messages popping up on Linked In daily and that personal positioning is where I found this gem.

Hitting her groove in Mental Health Advocacy from a path that began in Health Insurance, moved to the NICU, and finally to her place as the Queen Bee of Positive Mental Messaging T's... 

Ashley P. Evans is today's emerging entrepreneur and modern-day medicine woman

The first 12 min of episode 68 is an Introduction to The Curvy Hustle society


16:30  Ashley's story of self-sabotage to self-realization and evolving self-awareness training


19:00  The Spiritual path from career to calling


20;90 Setting up your Linkedin for the right connections


22.00- 32:00  How Ashley began her road towards MH advocacy in the Neonatal units, connected her experience with adolescents, veterans, and her own postpartum depression to start a Positive message T-shirt company


23:50 The secret power of psychiatric clinical care feeding into your own intuitive feminine power training


32:00 Connecting the dots between personal experience, creating an environment, and authority positioning in the market


35:22  Mental health habits to move past and rewire negative mental processing and mental constipation in lower vibrations and self-harming attitudes.


41:00  Ashley’s inspiring maven advice to her inner younger maiden and any others listening. Hindsight is 20/20



43:00: The feminine mystique and modern mysticism inside our journey



45:28  Ashley’s Vision for her future and motivating your own big moves, gifts, and inner wisdom through connection. 



We Close with a Power Chat and one last piece of goddess wisdom from Ashley for grace, personal security, and sacred success position.


53:43  How to find Ashley on social platforms ( also check the direct links on the show notes.

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