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Oct 25, 2022

Luisa Ferrario is a Transformative Leader on fire, taking names and creating enterprises. Her executive coaching and leadership experiences are showing just how interconnected we are and how we can show up more authentically and creatively in our work and allow ourselves to be a radical in our business. 

As her website says...

"Whether it is the company culture, the organizational structure, the business model or your mindset, behaviours, leadership style or lifestyle, no mater the topic, her unique,  choice-based, generative, and transformative approach to change has found her in partnership with an international, selected professional network to shift companies all over the world."

As every medicine woman Luisa shares: 

  • Her process and framework for creating a better leadership culture for small business owners
  • Her own story of despair 20 years ago that led her to a major revelation
  • What the prices she was willing to pay that gave her the strength to become a conscious creator
  • How she connects her healing ( personal evolution) into the way she shows up for others
  • The difference between wealth and millions 
  • The ways of being she will give to you on her VIP Ninja Experience 
  • Her blessings and words of wisdom for everyone

This episode is sponsored by VIP Mind Body Brand Academy. 

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