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Jan 31, 2023

In episode 82 we get the opportunity to speak to a real life toxin slayer born out of her own issues with health and the wellbeing of her daughter.

I love what a mother on a mission and with her own desire to change conditions can do to the extent of Melissa beginning a non profit to promote girls into excellence across the globe from her home in Canada. 

Inside we speak:

  • How wellbeing is our birthright.
  • The little things about corporate environments people never connect the dots on
  • Little micro aggressions inside like Concussion and EMF from phones is real!
    • What drove her into the hands of being a health coach after a corporate break up
    • How corporate wellness is imperative but not like you think
    • The reality of where Americans are ending up and Western lifestyles and exposures 108K tuition to be in the nursing home — 2030 $140K
    • The other countries that are on top of this
    • The deeper dive questions parents and adults should ask and know
    • How children are being ignored and are wise
    • The three important Goddess Wisdoms we are misunderstanding when we detox
    • Her unique use of Hypnotherapy and Timeline voyages to get at roots of psychosocial toxicity
    • The slower but healthier way to detox
    • The impact of Radiation of 4 and 5 G pushes
    • How we an make a difference with our business building : Her girls in schools initiative


    Gift to audience: Discover your Toxic Load Quiz:

These are aging you because you work harder. 

Guest Bio: Melissa Deally is a Registered health coach, integrative health practitioner, and master practitioner in NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy,  AND the key to the healthcare solutions you’ve been seeking. Her practice is located in Canada but her support and online resources are for world wide wellbeing. 


BRIGHT™ Protocol by Melissa Deally 

  • B – Body & Brain
  • R – Rest
  • I – Intake (food & liquid)
  • G – Gut Health (where all disease starts)
  • H – Heart – relationship to self & others, community
  • T – Time for self-care and to de-stress.


Contribute and see her non profit work with girls HERE

Connect with her favorite clean living resources HERE 

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