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Nov 5, 2019

Episode 52 invites you to Meet Dr. Justin Trosclair D.C. and come away learning about writing an Amazon Best Seller, marketing brand in creative ways through email and book positioning and how someone that was in private practice for 7 years in Denver, CO, sells his practice to go become a very rare bird as a foreign expert chiropractor in a hospital setting across the globe in Yunnan Province China. 

Yup, a true renaissance man that ended up following a need for some change, finding a wife and now having a baby and that is why Dr. Justin and I get along so well. 

Let me warn you...

This is a commuter episode.

It is a long episode full of so much wisdom for personal and professional shine but I have been away for over a month and spend a few minutes catching up.

The break was a call to pull back.

It was more about me listening to my gut than getting distracted and Practicing What I Preach.

In fact, the first five minutes is really important for those of you finding yourself loving what you do and then all of a sudden feeling the urge to stop and be patient. 

The interview with Justin has so many little behind the scenes strategy tips that when I played it back and tried to edit some out I could not decide which will go and which to stay so I kept 99% of it! 

This episode is sponsored by The Mind-Body Brand Academy: Your 8 week portal to a heart-led life you love without sacrificing a health career you crave!

Enjoy and reply to me at letting me know what you think. 

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