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Jan 24, 2017

 On Episode 11 I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Susan C. Clinton PT, DScPT, OCS, WCS, COMT, FAAOMPT a leader in the Women's health field and the profession of Physical Therapy as a whole. One would think someone who is that accomplished would not have time for a Goddess Chat but Susan proved me wrong and not only made the time to share #HERstory but had some great inner wisdom to share for strong lady leaders who are birthing dreams instead of children into this world. Don't miss the last 5 minutes where She mentions some great resources for clinicians with Jessica Drummond for self care as well as her initiative and we discuss how forming a circle of trust with fellow women is the way to rise!!!! 

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We Talk HER STORY... Hurricane Katrina destroyed HER home & Health

Susan ,the woman behind all HER accomplishments in the world, shares her pain and progress after losing everything to Hurricane Katrina, including her personal health and how stepping back to reassess what she wanted while recovering was actual a good thing.  Lessons learned along the path less traveled as a therapist for elite dancers to older women have set up her many skills around patient centered care and world wide trainings. We discuss how all the pieces have influenced her journey to a private practice .  

 Susan , the therapist is quite accomplished in the field of rehabilitation. Having been most recently awarded the 2016 recipient of the Elizabeth Noble Award from the APTA Section on Women’s Health. She serves on the BOD of  American Pelvic Organ Proloapse Soceity (APOPS) and she is an inaugural BOD for the Global Women’s Health Initiative (GWHI). A Lady Boss PT in her own right, Susan is co owner of a private practice in Sewickley, Pennsylvania called Embody Physiotherapy and Wellness, LLC and  is active in implementing better womens health initiatives in both local and global initiative as well as actively teaching and conducting research as an adjunct instructor for various professional programs.

While Susan is active with the American Physical Therapy Association, she is also very proactive in her specialty areas which include an impressive trifecta in orthopedics, womens health and orthopedics. To learn more about her practice, educational offerings and ideas on the move visit :

Susan Coel Clinton on FaceBook 

Chat with Susan @sccpa1 on Twitter 


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