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Sep 6, 2019

To celebrate turning the BIG 50 here on Owning HER Health

I decided to break the mold and have a Goddess Chat with one the Conscious Men in my global network of amazing Emerging Solopreneur leaders! 

Kevin Kwan is the Chief Copywriter and Founder of Bright Dot Marketing and THE guy I recommend to go to if you are not moving your message to the masses in a way that converts to money!

His private FB page is awesome. 

Kevin has walked the talk and you know we like that here in my Wisdom Masterminds.

He grew one gym into two gyms and ran them for 7 years, and during that time also launched his own online program multiple times making 15-20k per launch.

So how can you own your financial health better? 

On his website, he explains how he was doing "everything" (leading a team of 18 employees, managing over 300 client’s expectations, and shareholders) and figured out fast that it was NOT his jam" 

So with a curve, he hustled and now he found a marketing Zone of Genius as the founder of

In this episode we discuss : 

  • How Kevin pivoted his career 
  • The need to bring value in a smart way to your audience
  • The difference between sales and marketing
  • The different energetic feel of sale's push versus marketing's pull 
  • Where to meet the talk with the walk of your brand with the science and the art of copy
  • How the hell do you market to a brand new market like in a Blue Ocean? 
  • How to not end up paying for the wrong help at the wrong time
  • What exciting and major value he has for my audience that is creating a course or content that they need to convert over on his FB page

To reach out to Kevin catch him over on Facebook at 

Freebie 40 min help! 

or via his website where you can investigate how to uplevel your copy for sales or everyday and digital media content.