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Jan 31, 2023

Stephanie Shaw is making sure you have a peaceful shift called menopause because of her career shift in Episode 83 :

Inside this episode we discuss: 

  • The expensive mistakes Stephanie made masking her struggles through corporate and non profit busy life
  • HER unbecoming story and physical crash that motivated her evolution
  • Her advice for the generation coming up and course offer ( see resources below)
  • Why self care is not selfish- Essential super supporter personality behavioral shifts
  • Stephanie’s Vision of midlife hormone harmony and the process of birthing her podcast 
  • Linked in’s corporate disconnect
  • The western MD shift into coaching
  • The women circle conversations healthcare
  • how to get help from Stephanie's podcast: The Hello Hotflash Podcast 

health coach stephanie shaw


Click NOW To get Stephanie' course reach out to Stephanie visit her at the Hello Hotflash podcast show or via her website