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Jan 15, 2022

Author and Entrepreneur, Katrina A. Roddy turned her career mess into her sacred path to career success by breaking up with corporate culture and banking on herself 100%. 

First off, it is not easy and like any long-term relationship ending, you have permission to stop bossing the change and take a moment to grieve it!

A handful of years later she is mentoring people all over the world and making her own economy and here to walk you into it!


Inside we dive a bit into the relationship ending. 

(2:45min) How exactly did Katrina flip her pain to become the Queen of Corporate Break-ups 

(7:00) REsurecting yourself and the importance of other mentors in your form around you. 

(9:44) What Katrina wishes everyone knew before the point of crisis! 

(12:11) Moving from the employe mind norm and into your own CEO mentality

(18:50) Picking up and playing with the financial pieces 

(23:30) New identities and social functions 

(37:03)  The Key Takeaway tip

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