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Jul 22, 2022

Today's Goddess chat is episode 69 so I thought I would play off the number a bit and talk about pleasuring ourselves. 

So what could the Goddess of Feminine Wisdom and Goddess of Pleasure Seeking come up with in a 35 min personal freedom chat? 

A lot! Listen in. 


Listen in to this play on the Sexy 69 conversation as Dr. Rose Schlaff and I discuss: 

  • What is a pleasurable experience and why most people are robbing themselves of it
  • How Dr. Rose created her path to personal and financial empowerment by personal alignment and repositioning herself in the loud pelvic health and women's health markets
  • Where on the road to success Dr. Rose came into her gifts
  • Where we can discover our own roadblocks as the wounded self, healer, empowered medicine women, and social healer by learning the pleasure principle. 
  • Where intimacy comes into the conversation
  • What she wished she knew a decade ago and hopes to move forward as her message
  • How you can download a ton of her online tools and apply for some personal reflection and attention from her. 

Do not miss this episode especially if you are struggling with reconnecting with people ( in and out of the bedroom) post quarantine and lifestyle shifts brought on by the pandemic. 

Our goddess wisdom guest:

Dr. Rose Schlaff | Sex Coach and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Founder of Be Well with Rose, LLC 

Dr. Rose Schlaff is a sex coach and pelvic floor physical therapist who has spent the last 5 years helping women and queer folks break down barriers to intimacy so they can feel confident, connected, and carefree in their relationships in and out of the bedroom.

In addition to her virtual sex/intimacy coaching practice, she is a guest lecturer for the University of Michigan’s Human Sexuality Certificate Program, San Diego State University’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program, and has had the opportunity to lecture internationally on the topic of sexual and pelvic health in Beijing, China.

To learn more, go to, check out Dr. Rose on Instagram @bewellwithrose,

Bonus Resources: 

Download a load of her yummy: Free guides for Sex Talk, Vacation sex, Postpartum intimacy, and access to events and 1:1 applications