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Mar 2, 2021

In this Episode 55 I was reminded of Episode 44 where I discussed the impact sexual abuse can have on our body and impact all relationships with Brooke Terrell.

I remember briefly discussing the negative impact I had found abuse had on being part of many women's history when suffering from gynecological diseases and chronic pain. 

This week's conversation with Tsao-Lin Moy secures my theory of how very important the pelvic and abdominal bowl's energy is as we get into the impact she is seeing from Covid-19. 

Tsao is the author of "Will I Ever Get Pregnant, the Smart Woman’s Guide to Get Pregnant Naturally Over 40"  and has been featured on numerous radio and TV shows including Dr. Oz , The List and as a guest in The Author Incubator with former Presidential Candidate/ Spiritual lecturer Marianne Williamson.

In this episode of Owning HER Health we get into her story about being the daughter of a Western Medicine physician actually turned her off initially from a career in healing but as many an Owning HER Health episode goes... Life quickly brought her back to her roots in a slightly different way than anyone would have planned. 

Listen in as we discuss :

  • What her biggest reason she decided to focus on Chinese Medicine instead of Western healing was 
  • How NYC Metro area Covid Long Haulers are using her Acupuncture and Herbs to progress post Covid wellbeing 
  • The ways to use acupuncture and various natural healing modalities to re-ignite the meridians of the body and how she is combining the power of several techniques to shift patients beyond the effect of all the stress.

  • What the pandemic is influencing in the already labored social ability to conceive.

  • The meridians that are most impacted by the PTSD she is seeing

  • Where she is finding Fertility needs to be BEFORE IVF and during attempts to conceive
  • How consciousness plays a HUGE roll in both partner's fertility
  • Where she is seeing integrative work moving. We discuss the growing desire by both practitioners and the public for more and more plant based medicine of the indigenous and Eastern minded care providers. 

Summary and Next Steps

Tsao-Lin Moy L.Ac., MSOM  is a Natural Fertility Expert trained in East Asian medicine who helps couples conceive naturally using her fertility protocols and Chinese medicine. She is the founder of Integrative Healing Arts in NYC which utilizes acupuncture, herbal medicine and energy healing to treat patients. 

Tsao honors Energy work and care paths that support the innate wisdom of the body and mind. As you often hear me say, we are beginning to taking up space as a compliment and alternative approach to most of the West's ill health. 

Tsao and I had so much to speak of that we decided to move into co Moderating conversations onto ClubHouse so stay tuned for women's health and consciousness collaborations in the future.

Make sure to learn more about Tsao- Lin's approach to Fertility, Graceful aging and Immune boosting success by visiting her website and store at

Grab her New Book "Will I Ever Get Pregnant, the Smart Woman’s Guide to Get Pregnant Naturally Over 40"