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Jun 5, 2019

Welcome back to Owning HER Health.

I am so very freaking excited and grateful you are here after my year-long hiatus. So WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN ??? Well, that is a long winding, Come to Jesus,  completely Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Toxic Masculine, Wounded Feminine Goddess Wisdom Masterclass Story we will definitely be weeding in and out of this season so thank you for your love and support and eagerness to dive on in.

First, before we dive into my wonderful conversation with Traumatologist Brooke Terrell, I invite you to tune up and tap into this #MedicineWomanRising Vibe again with a quick listen to this catch-up episode 40. I explain where we are starting, who I am calling into the circle and what we will be co-creating as we march forward!!! 

Listen in to join the EVOlution!

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