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Dec 3, 2021

In today's Women in health entrepreneurship spotlight, we continue with Dr. Castillo, DPT, and her wonderful work addressing the body, minds, and pains of ambitious people that are breaking their bodies to keep up with modern-day lifestyles. 

If you did not get a chance to listen in to part one LISTEN HERE 

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The Woman Behind the Brand

Yvonne Castillo is a Pain-free Movement Specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Owner of her own private integrative WellCare practice called Perseverance Wellness Solutions, where she’s helped over 1000s active adults stop chasing their symptoms with ineffective pills and procedures. 

The Mission/ Service

In today's episode, we discuss the roots of her proven 3S Mobility Method that helps women 40+ break free to their pain-free and powerful life - 20 minutes a day - without ineffective pills, procedures and pieced together YouTube “programs”.

We also tackle the pains at the intersection of women's wealth and health and how being ambitiously proactive is not about symptom relief but more about facing the power of reality and abusing yourself. 

If you are struggling with not letting chronic pain get you beat, listen in and download her gifts below. 

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