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Dec 7, 2016

Welcome to episode 9 and our last episode of the the 2016 Fall season! The support has been amazing with this soft launch of Owning HER health this second half of Fall and I am excited for all the guests I have planned into first quarter of 2017!

This episode was what I call A GURU GODDESS SESSION where our deep, intuitive collective wisdom as women will be shared. Look for those, hang out with the Goddesses of your life and join in the conversation on twitter @HERhealthPod after the show.  I will be answering your questions on the Tuesday evenings they launch at least twice a quarter in the future! Okay now onto the present.

In this episode you will learn....

  • The secret powers of the Inner Guru Goddess Vibe, how to tap into HER wisdom at different points of your life and how to celebrate those milestones with others
  • What is the one celebration and natural force so many of our young maidens are sacrificing when they go on the pill
  • How to age gracefully and in full alignment with your path
  • Where we can bring these feminine principles into our passions, societies and the men in our life

So start organizing what you need for 2017 Now! Subscribe and download the podcast HERE and close out 2016 connected to more support for action than you know!!!!

I love my GG Thriver's VIBE ! 

Happiest of Holidays xoxo DR Lisa, PT