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Jan 16, 2018

Episode 34 features Warrior Goddess Tina Busby who is a Charlotte, NC based mental health advocate on a divine mission to take the shame out of the mental disease. Tina has experienced her own battles and wins and offers insight on the journey. 

Attention Those With Depression

Tina's Episode was one of my final episodes recorded in late 2017 and highlights the woes of winter, especially around the holidays and the expectations of the new year. The conversation is especially helpful for reframing depression and the stories that feed into the illness. It also went heavy in the second half into the needs for us to enhance a sisterhood that understands how to use their masculine form of the feminine as well as the divine feminine within the female form.  It is energy and not body parts. 

Soul Food

Our Wisdom Chat was one part girlfriend chat, one part high priestess and one part survivor.One of my favorite takeaways happens about halfway in where we begin to speak about being a woman experiencing any struggle, one needs to evoke our strong feminine and how the realization that it is not an either one or the other kind of thing can be quite calming.  I believe the key point I hope you all cherish is that WE, the individual and the collective sisterhood really all need to own our masculine dominance with the firey passion and the fierce hunt for our truth alongside being receptive of the curves in life and the softer flows. or with life's need to mold. 

If you are into energy work and spiritual medicine you will love this conversation. 

We Deeply Discuss: 

  • The importance of speaking your truth but needing a web of support
  • The deep heaviness of the experience in the body, mind, and soul of depression which we have both experienced in episodes of the disease
  • How silence about the disease is part of the weight
  • Ways she is advocating for depression by being open and raw and expressive about the inner conflict
  • The energetics of healing and why we all need a somatic therapist to work in how we hold our body as much as a mental health counselor
  • The complexity of depression and the exploration of The Personal Myth in suffering from this disease.
  • How genetics( gene blueprints) and the epigenetics (the triggers to activate genes) tie us into our cells with this disease. How thinking of disease healing as a connection or disconnect with Gaia ( Mother Earth/Nature) can ease the pain.
  • Where our belief systems need to be reviewed when we struggle. How the BS can weave into our psyche holding us back or accelerating us forward in our lives
  • How as a mother who has suffered and then having a child suffering as well, has empowered Tina to see her strange love/hate story with depression's wisdom.
  • Being a woman and how to navigate the balance of our divine masculine within a feminine form. 
  • In what ways, for health and productivity, the Masculine/Feminine Balance needs to flow as a whole woman. 
  • The Yogic sciences of living a whole life: and how it has nothing to do with roles and all to do with how you are a force of nature. 
  • Where Tina is flipping the pain and creating a path into social activism with her new chapter in life and it's next mission. 

I want to take the moment to honor your journey if you are someone who feels alone please know Tina Busby is a great resource. Reach out to her on her on linked in at    or email me at .

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