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Jun 19, 2019

Dr. Amanda Ling is a physical therapist, health coach, and host of "A Healthier MidSouth" podcast. She is co-owner of Peak Potential Physiotherapy & Wellness in Collierville, TN with her husband Trevor and together they recently authored a book "Heal, Optimize, Thrive". This book is set to completely pull people out of the sick care system and into wellbeing but getting to this space as a mother with a young family and a tired body was not easy. Contact Amanda and download her free Report HERE

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If you are currently experiencing the labor pains of birthing a rehab or wellness business with your partner while finding yourself growing up yourself and birthing a brand new version of your life then be sure to listen in where we discuss...
  • The pains of a good southern girl living and shifting out of the mold.
  • How Amanda's own personal postpartum experience with her body surprised her and opened her eyes to a HUGE gap in her local healthcare market.
  • The weary but empowering path of coming up into wisdom while evolving from a young professional, into a wife and business owner mompreneur wanting something more.
  • The revolutionary 3 STEP PROCESS her book "Heal Optimize Thrive" is outlining to redefining wellbeing in the Deep South of Colliersville, TN that she hopes to start the worldwide conversation on.
  • How my listeners can immediately download several BONUSES right now by downloading HEAL OPTIMIZE THRIVE HERE 
Amanda brings over 15 years of healthcare experience in a variety of healthcare settings to this conversation as well as 3 rounds of the Mind-Body Brand Academy and Ph.D. earned in mompreneurship and marriage/ business partnership after having two children of her own and being married to her business partner.  She is passionate about helping other moms regain their health and vitality whether they have a 6 week old or 16 years old and outlines a helpful path for balancing nutrition, movement, and mindset coaching. Enjoy the ride and download your goodies below. 
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