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Mar 11, 2018

Episode 36 was about Love for self and boy was I happy I had it in the can for a replay because with not one Full Moon in the cosmic sky guiding us all Of February {Very rare for a month}, I was an emotional mess. It set me back about a month...Will you forgive me?

I love myself

Life Took Me By Surprise last Month

As I feature in these episodes, life gets messy at times and mine is no exception to those rules. In fact, you will find that when you are the one calling the gathering of the Divine when you are sheading your last skin, you are susceptible to as much negative as the positive coming from the broken souls your attract. I am navigating a lot of broken please bear with me.

I Completely Get It

This is the way of the Medicine Woman. Often I feature the painful stories that are so often the glue for the #MedicineWomanRising chatter. Our work is about the transformational pains that birthed each one of us. As you will see, my featured Goddess sister of Episode 36, the beautiful Thea Baker was no exception.

Thea shares a whole lot of loving after leaving one role and learning how to reclaim herself through loss.

My Melbourne Goddess sister, Thea Baker is a coach, speaker, trainer, mom and wife who lives now in a body by her own design and in a heart that has healed over and over.

Listen in as she teaches us how...

  • After losing her second husband quite quickly and very unexpectedly doing what he lovedThea realized that she was holding in a very closed off secret so jump inside this episode to see why
  • Where she found the passion in her role as guide and her voice as a speaker after realizing she had lost herself. 
  • How she picked herself up and became the Brady Bunch Mom only a few years later with a big career that honors her full story
  • Why she says "If I had to give myself a job title I’d claim “Wellness Warrior for all things Woman” as her life's work. 
  • Where she is taking this show on the road

Thea Baker will show you how to reclaim yourself through loss. and why female self-empowerment is a form of deep love for women. 

Get to Know Thea Baker For Yourself on her Blog

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