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Jan 5, 2018

Episode 33 ( Make sure to get your health tip at the end) 

Welcome Back to the podcast!!!!

This episode was meant to close out the year as a celebration of Carol's light but some family events moved Ms. Carol to the opening act of 2018. he is the perfect light channeling Wise Matriarch of goddess wisdom to bring us into the New Year.

Carol Lovell Calvert, is not your average older woman waiting around for time to pass. No, Carol is outside living it.  As a long time energy worker with a flair of developing women's circles, her latest is called Sterling Silver Sisters, The Evolved Woman and is a self-described celebration of redefining beauty to include silver hair and lots of laugh lines.  Her page is a place to network, collaborate, play, plan, teach & hold live space with other evolved Wildly Light Women! Learn More. 

Carol is also a Product Entrepreneur & Scientist

As owner and creator of the Light Retreat Center in Charlotte and now with her travels sharing her patented Wellology Living Light, Carol shares with us some of the power of full-spectrum light on the body. She explains how light is actually a traditional medicine of past times most remembered by the memory of Solariums for the ill. 

Eclectic Wisdom Shares 
With a lifetime interest in the exploration of deeper things, Carol went the traditional route as a former educator and advocate for Attention Deficit Disorder in children and adults, Carol attributes this part of her earlier career with her discovery and passion for energy medicine and her subsequent call to embrace and gather humanity into this new paradigm in wellness. 
As a fun side Note:
Light attracts us in the universe and children are always so willing to share and are easily aware of the aura of people. It was not a surprise that my precocious baby niece wouldn't nap and had to join in this episode. I think she was attracted to Carol and Carol graciously went along with Miss Reagan's interest in her as she described her education and shared the healing properties of her life's work.  
Her Universal Training Keeps going on and On
Brain health and continuing to learn energy medicine has been greatly fueling her love of things unknown since she was small and sparked her light center. Carol shares with us how she is embracing the third age as she moves comfortably in her body and aligned with her experiences with certifications which now include her company's medical light device, Medical Reiki, Spiritual Health Coaching, and biofeedback. 
What makes Carol unique is her expansive knowledge base and ability to pull all of it together to create literal enlightenment for her wellness clients.


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Owning HER Health Tip...Feeling a little down? Check out your VitD levels and maybe get this light lamp