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May 4, 2023

In Episode 87 we explore Cathy’s Curvy Hustle from personal death to reframing physical therapy, to making a complete 180 degree shift online and into her deeper soul work during COVID. 

Inside we discuss:

  • How chaos and timelines laid out her journey more than linear strategies.
  • The gift of imperfections in her life
  • How to fill a purpose filled path into The Sacred Life of Creativity : Hint PT was never on the original ticket!
  • Living on the edge of manual therapy and innovation
  • The truth of "Holding our edges" while we unwind from the world's figurative ( and literal since 2020) masks and robes. 
  • The Story of Professional Woman in the 70’s and 80’s old world navigating
  • How we have destabilized the healthcare system
  • Cathy’s goddess wisdom share: The risk of outsourcing our authority


In terms of her transformational methodology:

  • What is Embodied transformation ?
  • How can we challenge the body to heal or restore itself while reorganizing our brain
  • Why personal evolution out of the matrix of your initial career is the path to no regrets

  • How this business has evolved is really a great example of sensing our success paths and looking for hints of our present lives in the chaos and challenges of our younger lives.

  • Wisdom on business ownership and non- linear careers being the essence of witnessing our leadership.
  • Retracing leadership opportunities in a world before the invention of social media. ( Knowing our history is our way to own wealth in the future)
  • How the body keeps the score but the nervous system is the game


Overall this conversation demonstrates how for some, the assigned ones with sensitive gifts,  it is so important to understand you are different but you are not alone. We medicine women rising, from all industries are reorganizing the minds of all we connect with but we need communities like The Curvy Hustle crew of modern day social healers.  

See Cathy's Community for this experience: See the Power process group !!! details

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