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Sep 27, 2022

In today's episode, The Yoga Pro Podcast Host, Business Coach, Yoga Therapist, and Actress, Pamela Crane Certified Yoga Therapist-MS, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, YACEP is not shy to take the stage! 

As Pamela partners in conversation with me about being a deep worker instead of a light worker, we get into some of the weeds others miss...

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Listen in to hear Pamela's Unique push toward Yoga Professionals:

We are talking about showing ourselves some grace when taking the stage and evolving as successful women, professionals, and human beings getting support getting on stage. 

  • Expanding The Yoga Therapist's Role in Performance Training
  • Stage and Visibility Equality
  • Yoga Off the Mat: The real deep transformational stuff
  • Interoceptive yoga practice and energy clearing to be heard and prepared for invitations
  • The difference between coaches and therapists 
  • Shifting Financial Wounds into Conscious Leadership
  • Her core values, confidence as fluid philosophy and take on Yoga pros show up authentically 
  • The Jump back into an identity she has not had in her life for years

We also speak of some of the touchy talks around Cultural Appropriation, Aging using the Curves of Life, Emerging pearls of decades-lived wisdom over career impact, how not to need 10x everything to define your success and she shares a special vulnerable moment over how important coming out of our own shells as emerging leaders is when we are truly evolving humans. 

Guest Contact:

To reach out to learn more about Pamela reach out to her website. 

Her company Interoceptive Performance is an evidence-based comprehensive hub of cutting-edge information for heart-centered entrepreneurs who are looking to gain confidence to bring their work online. We focus on interoception to delve deep into the physical, mental, and emotional bodies to bring out your personal and professional best as well as proven techniques for success on camera.

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